Elements Of A Conscious Business

This was put together by Paul Levy after a Brighton Conscious Business Meetup in October 2012. It forms the beginnings of a definition of Conscious Business

Awareness of others and motives for action

The extent to which its leadership is aware of all of the motives for its actions and the consequences of those actions for its stakeholders

Ability to learn

The business's ability to recognise its mistakes, learn from them and prevent them occurring or reoccurring

Awareness of community

The business's awareness of the needs and motives of its employees, suppliers and customers

Awareness of environment

The business's awareness of the dynamics in its internal and external environment and the impact of its actions on those environments including its ability to adapt and react to changes in those environments

Ability to consciously persevere and commit

The ability of the business to turn consciousness into conscientiousness - seeing commitments through and keeping stated promises in ways that show awareness for needed detail and sensitivity to feedback

Ability to absorb useful knowledge and experience

The ability of the business to learn from other organisations, absorb wise practice, and take on new knowledge and information

Awareness of integrity

The business's awareness of its own congruence - between its espoused values and its actual behaviour

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