Following are some of the principles of Conscious Business. They are not exclusive or definitive and each might have their own interpretation or add others.

Some General Principles:

  • Profitability
  • Transparency
  • Sustainability
  • Personal Development
  • Distributed Power
  • Relationships
  • Shared Rewards
  • Purpose
  • Emotional intelligence/Awareness

Following are some examples of principles as implemented by specific organisations working towards conscious business practice.

Do Something Different Principles

Our Purpose: To help people do something different
Our Goal: To help 100m people do something different

Our Values: We have a common set of values which guide us in our behaviours.

We believe :

  • In doing things differently ourselves
  • In sharing the ride with everyone on board
  • That we all have equal responsibility for making sure the ride's a good one
  • In 100% transparency - if we're doing the right things we shouldn't be afraid of sharing what we're up to and if we're doing the wrong things we want people to tell us so we can fix it.
  • That profit is the fuel the business needs to help more and more people do something different
  • That the most important asset we have is our relationships.
  • In making decisions based on the long-term

HISBe principles

Seestep principles

  • Walk the talk
  • and so forth

Propellernet principles


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